Saturday, June 4, 2011

Funny photo effects

Funny photo effects

Monday, May 30, 2011

The reason to smile

Hello to everyone who will come across this page and read about this. I'm smiling right now while writing what is in my mind. Do you ever have a reason, any simple reason to smile for once in your life? I do. Right now, I have every reason to smile, smile to the world cause of what I feel right now. Just thinking of a loving face in my life make me smile. Oh God in heaven, why should not I smile because of that loving person? I don't find any reason why I should not smile.

Do you know that simple words and wish will brightened our day and time? Yes, now you know. My wish and the loving person wish are one. Me and him are ONE. He said it to me that WE ARE ONE. So sweet, the words ringing to my ears sound so sweet and it keeps ringing till now how he said the words. WE ARE ONE,,isn't it sound sweet to you? I hope you do cause I feel the sweetness of the words.

WE ARE ONE makes me smile every second here. I feel blessed for what I have with him, my beloved man. Though distance keeps us apart but it never bother us at all, except that we have this longing feeling to be together in life. Sounds weird? May be to your ears but not to us. We have been in love for more than 2 years, will be 3 years by the end of this 2011. My friends said our love is rare because they never heard or know and get to know any couples been in love for that long but still distance apart without meeting in life. God helps us but only God can give us all the strength, faith and hope to our love. I have every reason to smile when we talk on phone or chat online via web-cam just to share our love.I never knew any loving person like him before. He makes me smile but sometimes he did made me sad, not because he is a bad person but there are reason beyond our capability to control or manage. God in heaven, only from You, we seek Your blessing for our love. Will You be kind enough to these humble servants of Yours that soon You make ways for both of us to be together? I pray and wish it so much dear God. He is my every reason to smile now.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Angel Lullaby - Richard Marx

Its Not Love

If you love someone because you think that he or she is really gorgeous...

then it's not love..

it's - Infatuation...

If you love someone because you think that you shouldn't leave him because others think that you shouldn't...

then it's not love..

it's - Compromise...

If you love someone because you think that you cannot live with out his touch....

then it's not love..

it's - Lust...

If you love someone because you have been kissed by him...

then it's not love..

it's - Inferiority Complex...

If you love someone because you cannot leave him thinking that it would hurt his feelings..

then it's not love..

it's - Charity...

If you love someone because you share every thing with him...

then it's not love..

it's - Friendship...

but if you feel the pain of the other person more than him even when he is stable

and you cry for him..

that's - LOVE...

Autisme and me

The first time I know about autistic people was when I studied in a local university here. I studied language or TESL ( Teaching English as a Second Language ) but at the same time there were various subjects that I needed to learn to pass my degree. One of it was Psychology and of course Autistic behaviour was included in the subject. I did not put my whole attention to the sub-topic that time. I studied just to pass my teaching degree. I did not really know much about Autistic people, did not really care about them, did not want to know actually.

Recently, I came to know a great man and he is a great friend of mine now. Just call him Mike here because I don't want to intrude his privacy. He taught and showed me a lot about autistic people as his son is also an autistic himself. What touching my heart and soul is his true and deep passion for the autistic people. I started doing my own research and study about this. Not much but I am still learning and studying about it.

A neural disorder in the kids which results in an abnormal growth of the kid cause Autisme,resulting in poor communication and senses. We can see the symptoms during the early age and if not attended well, then can result in a hindered growth of the kid. They appear by the age of six months and can stick to the child even in his adulthood. The children suffering from Autisme cannot communicate well with the kids of their age group neither they are interested in making friends as they become under confident. The behaviour of the kid also becomes abnormal and he finds it difficult to react normally to the things happening around him. The thought process is also affected and the kid might not be able to understand things properly.Well, that is some little thing I know about autisme.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids have these symptoms too. When I looked back to the earlier years of my kids, I realized that 2 of my kids have slight or mild autistic behaviour. Lack in communication with people. They had no confidence within themselves. I did not know that time they had these signs. What I know, I pushed and gave them confidence to face people, to be brave and believe that they can do what other people do. I still remember I forced my eldest son to sing on his school's stage. I gave him full courage, trained and practiced him at home for his performance..Walaaaa,,he did it. He emerged 1st in the singing competition. He was very proud with his achievement and smiled all the way home. He showed his prize to his grandparents, uncles and aunties,,,hehhee,,I am proud of him.

My other kid is my youngest daughter. She was very shy during her 1st year in playschool. She did not want to make friends with her classmates. Her teacher always complaint about her that she did not want to participate in class activities. I was too worried about her. But then, when at home she always showed it to me what was their activity at school. Sometimes she danced, drew and talk. I guessed she was just shy and did not had courage to present herself. When she was in her primary school, I asked her to sing too. She did not win anything but at least it was her 1st step to move ahead. The second year, I asked her to join the Little Missy competition, she joined but did not win too. But ever mind about the winning issues. The most important part is she can present herself in front of the audience. She can talk about herself, even a little bit. I am really proud of my girl. She is smart too in her study and always emerged one of the best in her class. This year, her class teacher gave her a chance to be a prefect in the school. Walaaaa,,,she was so happy , now she is full with confidence in communicating with her friends and other people.

For parents who have autistic kids, I would like it very much if they can give full support to their kids. Never mind about the time, just be the best parents for them. It worth it, to the parents and to the kids especially. Wish all parents with autistic kids the best in their lives. God bless you all.